The Gutmann Group

Bank Gutmann combines expertise in managing large accounts with a profound understanding of clients' needs. The Bank has repeatedly received awards from independent institutions in recognition of its advisory excellence and market leadership in Austria. Gutmann clients include domestic and international entrepreneurs, foundations and trusts, high-net-worth individuals and families as well as institutional investors.

Bank Gutmann AG

Bank Gutmann is a wealth management specialist and market leader in Austria. An 80 percent interest in the bank is held by the Kahane family, another 20 percent by a total of 22 partners. Bank Gutmann has received multiple awards from independent experts in recognition of its advisory services and performance.

Gutmann Insight

If a picture is already worth a thousand words, how much more can a film tell us then? How can the business culture of a bank manifest itself, how the company’s corporate image become perceptible? Is the whole merely the sum of its parts? We continually strive to give you a new experience, to present our drive in a new light. Here we will show you our true potential….

Gutmann KAG

As a provider of a comprehensive range of investment funds, Gutmann Kapitalanlageaktiengesellschaft develops customised fund solutions for general public and special funds. Gutmann Kapitalanlageaktiengesellschaft is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank Gutmann AG and currently manages about 145 investment funds with total assets of around EUR 9 billion.

International Network

Growth has been a signature feature of Bank Gutmann throughout its existence – in its team, its reach, and its expertise. The formation of international networks for professional cooperation and continuing development is actively encouraged. This has resulted not only in a distinguished platform brining together financial theory and practice, but has also created a solid foundation for responsibly managed family enterprises.