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Women, finances and financial freedom

Claudia Figl

Partnerin der Bank Gutmann und Bereichsleitung Private Clients

Women suffer less from rash actionism. Women simply know themselves better - whether it is risk tolerance or investment goals. When it comes to investing money, they focus on diversification and long-term investment strategies. You do not believe that? Then read international studies that confirm this behavior, such as the Fidelity 2021 Women and Investing Study.

International Women's Day on March 8 is the perfect occasion to question how the finances of the female sex are progressing in Austria. The answer to this is simple: women are better investors. Unfortunately, there are still considerably fewer women than men currently active in the capital market. Why is that? 

New tricks to young girls

The basic problem begins at school level, where financial education accounts for a negligible proportion of the curriculum. At the same time, the myth that girls are not gifted for mathematical subjects persists. As if that were not enough, far too many women still rely on their husbands for this task. According to the motto: They will shape and manage their financial lives for them. This is fatal consequence if you look at the current divorce rates. 

Taking control of one's own finances to achieve personal financial independence is important. More so the continuing effort to raise female awareness of investment and finance. 

Strengthening female financial knowledge

Back on March 8, 2005, Gutmann launched a series of events by women for women: the “MONEY TALKS - where women talk about money”. I took part in the first Gutmann event purely as a guest.

A committed group of colleagues, including client relationship managers Sabine Puchmüller and Alexandra Norman-Audenhove, had set themselves the task of informing female customers and their interested friends about financial and economic topics at regular intervals and discussing these topics with them. The aim was to strengthen the financial knowledge of the female participants and to take away their fear of the male-dominated capital market investment world. The topic of the premiere event was: “Economy - inflation - interest rates and their impact on bonds and stocks”, a topic that is just as relevant today as it was then. 

Saving is good, a savings book is not

A lot has happened in the information sector on finance and investing since 2005. There are various online forums and networks that deal specifically with the topic of finance + women. However, has the proportion of women investing in equities increased as a result? Unfortunately, only marginally. The proportion of Austrians who invest in securities is generally only around eight percent. 

In view of the current economic and interest rate situation, this is incomprehensible, as the good old savings book has long since served its time as the main form of investment. The proportion of female investors is even lower by comparison. How can we help even more women on their way to financial independence? By pointing out interesting and promising investment ideas and broadening their knowledge in this area. 

Sustainability is feminine

As a rule, female investors are characterized by the fact that they inform themselves in detail before they make an investment. Once they have made up their minds, they stick to them and are not easily put off by market fluctuations.

For many, it is important not only to achieve an attractive return, but also to leave an impact. That is why sustainable investments are increasingly in demand from female investors. A trend that will hopefully lead to even more women facing the challenges of everyday life on the stock exchange and actively providing for themselves and their future. 

Dear readers, do not invest quietly in the background, talk about it. With your girlfriends, relatives, colleagues and above all, with your daughters. Today's princess no longer needs to be rescued by the prince on the white horse. She tries things out, she asks questions, she takes her life into her own hands. Being well advised and independent, she makes her decisions regarding her own money. And how she increases it.

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