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The Magic of the Daily Routine

Robert Karas

Chief Investment Officer, Partner

Hermann exercises every day. He goes running, plays tennis or works out in the gym. If there is no time, a short walk will do too. Hermann will be 83 tomorrow; his method is clearly working.

Daily routines open up things to us that we can only experience and learn in practice. This applies to all areas in life.

Daily practice

In the stock market, it is important to have a basic knowledge. You need to understand how the different instruments are designed, how the mechanisms of the trading venues work and how the various market participants act. It is necessary to study the history of the stock market and to learn from the best investors worldwide. It is also helpful to have the economic tools to analyze and evaluate a company. No small claim.

However, that is not the end of the story. Important factors only come to the surface with daily activities. Not to be underestimated: one's own temperament. Kerstin may have found a successful strategy for herself that is completely unsuitable for Helene. It makes no sense for me to want to be like Warren Buffett; I can only be the best version of myself.

Hard questions

Many of our clients delegate their asset management to us, because we deal with it on a daily basis and have built up the corresponding expertise. We are grateful for this vote of confidence and work hard to deliver good results. In the run-up, however, investors have to deal with many questions, such as:

What amount do I invest? What is important to me, what are my goals? How much drawdown can I take?

The following questions are almost never asked:

How do I react under stress? How do I behave when my expectations are not met in the first year? At what point do I lose confidence?

It is easy to talk about financial mathematics, past market movements and historical performance. After all, these are only numbers. It becomes much more difficult when we have to face our own emotions. Everyone sees the world through different glasses - the filter is their own value system.

Going deeper together

In discussions with our clients, we try to push the envelope thematically, even if it can at times be a little uncomfortable. Sometimes it is necessary to scratch our rational skin in order to take a look at our inner self In my experience, this helps us to have a better understanding of each other and our real wishes, goals and fears become clearer. When we sit across from one another in our next conversation, I will be happy if we go one step deeper together.

By the way, I have also been exercising regularly for many years. Hermann is a role model for me. Not only is he fitter, but he also has a more positive outlook on the future than many others do in his age group. Reason enough for me to dive into his world of insights and apply his experiences to our everyday working lives. Congratulations Hermann, and all the best for your birthday!

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