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Generational change at Gutmann

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Frank W. Lippitt, Partner and long-standing CEO of Bank Gutmann, will retire from the Executive Board on September 30, 2022, after 21 years. The Supervisory Board has appointed Marcel Landesmann, currently responsible for the Private Clients division, as his successor as CEO. In addition, Louis Kahane was appointed to the Executive Board and six new partners were nominated.

After 35 years at Bank Gutmann – including 21 years on the Executive Board – Frank W. Lippitt is retiring at the end of September. During his two decades long tenure, he was an essential force for Bank Gutmann’s continued success. The upcoming generational change sets the course for the future of the private bank and a structured and smooth transition: Marcel Landesmann, with both in-house and international experience, has been appointed as his successor.

*Marcel Landesmann

Frank W. Lippitt, Partner and CEO of Bank Gutmann: "As a private bank with a 100-year long history, we feel obliged to think across generations. After 21 years on the Executive Board, 12 of which as CEO, I am delighted to be handing over the bank this fall into the experienced hands of Marcel Landesmann, who has known our bank from the inside for many years and can also look back on decades of international experience."

Louis Kahane appointed to the Executive Board

Newly appointed to the Executive Board is Louis Kahane, who will take over the Private Clients division from Marcel Landesmann. Bank Gutmann's Executive Board is now composed of the following members: Marcel Landesmann (CEO), Adolf Hengstschläger (CFO), Louis Kahane (Private Clients), Friedrich Strasser (Institutional Clients) and Stephan Wasmayer (Digitalization - CTIO).

*Louis Kahane

Bank Gutmann expands partner base to 26

Entrepreneurship –  and thus Gutmann's proven partner concept – is one of the bank's core values. With six additional partners, Austria's leading private bank is sending a strong signal for the future. Robert Karas, Christoph Olbrich, Hannes Kolar, Béla Esterházy, Wolfgang Sieder and Sabine Tittler have been appointed as new partners, raising the number of co-owners of the bank to 26 – a dimension that makes Bank Gutmann once again stand out from the rest of the industry.
For Bank Gutmann's designated CEO, Marcel Landesmann, the ongoing expansion of the group of partners guarantees constant structural development and at the same time contributes to the bank’s high quality standards – a prerequisite for successful growth. "Our partner concept is part of Bank Gutmann's special business model: the broad participation of management ensures responsible decision-making, continuity of service, the highest level of commitment and the best quality of advice for our customers," says Landesmann.

The new partner from left to right: Robert Karas, Wolfgang Sieder, Hannes Kolar, Sabine Tittler, Béla Esterházy, Christoph Olbrich

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