The Gutmann Group’s board of management


The board of management of Bank Gutmann AG and the executive board of Gutmann KAG are composed of seven experienced financial experts who represent the interests of the Gutmann Group. Frank W. Lippitt has been serving as chairman of the board of management since 2010 and together with three further board members of Bank Gutmann AG and three members of the executive board of Gutmann Kapitalanlageaktiengesellschaft, defines current and future business polices as well as the development of its operations.



A 20 percent interest in Bank Gutmann is held by executive and non-executive partners. This special feature of the Bank ensures a high level of commitment and well-balanced decisions in all management bodies, reliable advice provided from an entrepreneurial perspective, and continuity in its services. At present, four board members and 16 additional executive partners are co-owners of the Bank while also engaging personally in various areas of client relationship management.