WU Gutmann Center

Founded in 2001, the WU Gutmann Center for Portfolio Management seeks to bring together practice and theory, as the financial expertise of internationally renowned experts meets the innovative ideas and research ambitions of young domestic talent.
The aim of the strategic partnership is the world-wide exchange of knowledge to develop the scientific basis for portfolio management and establish Austria as a premier location in the industry.

Promote knowledge, disseminate knowledge, share knowledge

Three core activities make the Gutmann Center a focal point of financial research:

  • Creation of knowledge (research)
    Support for young research talent in the form of master thesis grants, development of research papers, international research awards

  • Dissemination of knowledge (education)
    PhD Course Fellows, doctoral programmes, research seminars

  • Bridging (building bridges between academics and practitioners)
    Public lectures, symposia, Gutmann Academy, Gutmann Private Wealth Management Seminar, case studies

International prestige

Support has already been given to numerous research studies in various fields of finance, internationally renowned post-doctoral students have been recruited and dozens of public lectures have been hosted and also benefited clients and business associates of Bank Gutmann.

Among the honorary members of the Academic Advisory Board are industry pioneers such as Nobel Laureate William Sharpe. Sharpe, who is known internationally for having developed the Sharpe Ratio, on the parallels between experiences in the United States and at Bank Gutmann: “In the US, collaboration between research and practice has resulted in a substantial acceleration of scientific and technological progress.”

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