General Terms & Conditions

You can download copies of Bank Gutmann General Terms & Conditions in pdf format here.

General Terms & Conditions - Version February 2014
Customer Guidelines for Maestro and Quick Service - Version February 2014
Customer Guidelines Card Service, Contactless Function and Quick Service - Version January 2016
Comparison Amendment Customer Guidelines Card Service, Contactless Function and Quick Service 2014-2016
Client Information WAG 2007 - Version August 2015
Information on Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation - Version December 2015
Client Information ZaDiG - Version November 2015

Information on credit transfers using the SWIFT Network

For international credit transfers and separately instructed express credit transfers, the data contained in the transfer order will be sent to the beneficiary’s bank via the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) headquartered in Belgium. There is currently no other organisation that offers such services world-wide. For processing international payments, Austrian banks therefore do not have any regular alternative to using the services of SWIFT. Without collaborating with SWIFT, an Austrian bank would not be able to offer its clients world-wide payment services. The SWIFT network used by Austrian banks conforms to the highest technological security standards.

For maximum system security, SWIFT temporarily stores transaction data in its data processing centres in the Netherlands and in the US.

Data stored by SWIFT in the US may therefore have to be disclosed to US authorities for the purpose of fighting international terrorism.

This information is provided in accordance with instructions from the Austrian data protection authority pointing out this legal situation.

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