Real estate

At Bank Gutmann, investing in real estate comprises the purchase and sale as well as the management of properties by dedicated capital investment companies. In keeping with the open portfolio management architecture, the expertise contributed by a professional portfolio manager ensures competent support also for real estate investments. Portfolio and asset management services are provided by SHI Management GmbH, the Bank’s Munich-based partner.

SHI Management GmbH

SHI Management GmbH is one of the leading portfolio and asset managers in the core business segment of senior residences / nursing homes in Germany and covers the entire life cycle of properties from purchase and development to cost-efficient and value-enhancing management and the final sale.

GHS Immobilien AG

GHS Immobilien AG was started in March 2005 with a focus on smaller properties valued at between five and 25 million euro. The properties held by GHS Immobilien AG are located in Germany and in Switzerland, mostly at secondary locations in Germany. Beside conventional office blocks, logistics properties and specialised retail centres, the company has also acquired owner-operated facilities such as nursing homes. For maximum investment security, the company only holds properties that are rented out under solid long-term agreements.

The company has already completed its investment phase and now concentrates on the management and sale of properties. Properties are disposed of individually or whole-sale.

GHS Senior Housing Immobilien AG

The company was established in October 2010 and has completed its investment activities in the meantime. The focus of GHS Senior Housing Immobilien AG is on well-established residential properties and supporting facilities for seniors requiring assistance and nursing care, including in particular nursing homes but also assisted-living residences and related premises.

The regional focus of GHS Senior Housing Immobilien AG is on Germany and Austria. Locations with at least 25,000 inhabitants serving large areas are preferred. There is a special bias for sites in regions boasting strong economic fundamentals. In the interest of high investment security, the company’s portfolio holds only recently built properties rented out to operators with a strong credit standing. To date, A total of 17 senior citizen care facilities have been acquired in Germany. Plans for a continuation of this successful investment strategy are being worked on.