Wealth management

Knowing that one’s wealth is carefully managed is highly reassuring. In wealth management, Bank Gutmann therefore aims at achieving a profound understanding of each client’s individual situation from the very beginning and strives to support the client with the most appropriate investment strategies. Advisory services are rendered by two Gutmann client relationship managers. Regular reporting provides transparency and keeps response times short.

Investment advice

Bank Gutmann clients benefit from professional support in analysing investment ideas and portfolio construction. Gutmann investment advisers identify and assess proposed investment options and ensure that a client’s interest in the financial markets and their ideas constitute an active input in portfolio design. Comprehensive support by an advisor starts with a personal meeting, followed by continuous support through personal contacts and electronically.

Institutional investors

Bank Gutmann relies on master plans as well as modular concepts to support and assist institutional investors in the planning phase, in the implementation of their investment strategies and in managing the day-to-day administrative work. Credit institutions, insurance companies, pension and employee provision funds as well as family businesses and foundations and Trust benefit from Bank Gutmann's comprehensive services. These services range from advisory mandates to risk management, from strategic and tactical asset allocation to fund administration.

Real estate

Investment in properties held by dedicated investment companies is offered as part of Bank Gutmann’s extended range of services. Close collaboration with internationally renowned portfolio managers contributes additional expertise in dealing with the purchase, the management and the sale of properties.

Private Markets

The acquisition of stakes in companies before they go public requires operational experience and investment know-how. Bank Gutmann’s focus is primarily on highly conservative strategies in this asset class, such as buy-out funds, as more mature companies usually offer a more attractive risk-return profile. Bank Gutmann has been investing in this asset class since 1999, as the entrepreneurial approach on the one hand and the search for attractive, risk-adjusted returns on the other reflect the Bank's investment philosophy.