Sustainability starts with a sense of responsibility

"Acting responsibly is the key driver of Gutmann’s sustained success. We recommend to our clients only solutions that are in keeping with our business model and which we can endorse without reservations. This approach has enabled us to successfully manage even critical periods and crises in the capital markets with a positive outcome for the Bank.

In securing the implementation of our long-term business goals, a sensible management of resources, a performance-driven communicative environment for our staff and an agile organisation with efficient (IT) processes are of prime importance."

Frank W. Lippitt lic.oec. HSG
Chairman of the board of management of Bank Gutmann AG
Partner of Bank Gutmann AG

Whoever is entrusted with investing funds for clients must act responsibly. Long-term, there is simply no alternative. Responsibility, along with the pursuit of sustainability, is the basis on which concrete guidance for implementing this value is developed. As a key prerequisite, the goal of sustainability must be firmly embedded in the value system of the persons involved and in the organisation’s DNA. Otherwise the concept of sustainability will always be at risk of becoming just a fashion statement.

Gutmann’s DNA can be felt in every conversation. Many of the approaches resulting from our value system are shared by us with our clients and ultimately lead to specific investment strategies, such as those that are dedicated to demographic trends like our portfolio of nursing homes, for example. But we also offer more focused investment strategies that take their guidance from the client’s set of values. The great demand for such strategies confirms that we are on the right track.
We offer our clients the opportunity of investing with us in an ethical and sustainable manner. Gutmann’s sustainability team, headed by Chief Investment Officer Friedrich Strasser, has a firm foothold in the strategically important and market-driven departments and controls and monitors the development of individual strategies.

The Bank’s willingness to take on responsibility is also reflected in many of the activities and initiatives it pursues beyond its day-to-day business. From development projects in South America to social projects in Austria, Gutmann supports people who in all likelihood will never be its clients.