The world of family businesses

Bank Gutmann.
A peer-to-peer partner.

Family businesses are the engine and the backbone of the economy regardless of their size, line of business and location. But how do they differ from “regular” businesses?

One of their characteristic features is a specific business culture. Shared values and traditions are practised, experienced and passed on across generations. The secret of their success lies in the long-term and sustainable nature of their business policies.

But there is no light without dark: family businesses face typical challenges such as the need for succession planning and managing the transition from one generation to the next. Key issues are management structures and family constitutions.
Bank Gutmann is itself a successful family business that has been managed by co-owners since 1922. Drawing on its own experiences and co-operating with renowned international business schools and consultants, Bank Gutmann assists and supports entrepreneurs (and their families).

Since 2012, the Family Business Owners Service (FBO Service) has regularly been organising events and workshops in Austria and in Eastern Europe. These events serve as a platform for presenting business models with a successful track record and for discussing questions relating to business transfer and succession. They provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and their families to share thoughts and ideas in private and be inspired by keynote speakers.
The Gutmann Award for the Most Outstanding Family Businesses in CEE is presented every two years. The Award honours model family enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe and showcases successful businesses and their approaches to solving problems.

Bank Gutmann is a peer-to-peer partner for family businesses. Last, but not least as its staff is guided by the same values: a sense of responsibility, reliability and entrepreneurship.